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The wider lobe separation angle allows for a better vacuum at idle, which is especially important with the '94-'95 cars as they have a more sensitive factory computer setting.This cam also features a split pattern, which favors the exhaust side of the head-excellent for supercharged cars. 18 cam has been a best-seller for years, but the No.On the dyno, this combination belted out 471.6 rwhp and 451.7 rwtq with a mild tune on pump gas.On the street, the car is a mild-mannered monster, able to shred all but the most exotic of cars.19 Steeda camshaft has to be close to that."According to Steeda designer Dan Carlson, "There is not just one 'typical' combination for this cam, since it works so well with and without a supercharger.The most common thread is a lot of people have '94-'95 Mustangs, but the cam works very well for other years as well.In a previous issue, our esteemed Editor-at-Large Tom Wilson brought you a monstrous 11-page encyclopedia on all things cam-related for the 5.0 Mustang ("Cam Quest," Dec. We thought the story ended there, but it was only the beginning. He wanted us to follow along as he installed a camshaft in his nicely upgraded '95 GT, using Mr.

Both of our test cars have taken advantage of this technology-and the heavy testing-to come out with nice combinations. The cam specs out at 0.480/0.480-inch lift with a split-duration profile of 220/226.As you read the captions and the bottom lines on these cars, please keep in mind that Paul's Automotive handled all installations, final tune-ups, and chassis dyno testing for this story. The lobe separation angle for this mild street cam is 115.Steeda designed the cam to work with '85-and-up Ford small-blocks.And, unbeknownst to us, Tom had chosen the same Steeda No. We talked with Adam Louramore of Steeda about the development of the Steeda No. We designed the cam with the help of Crane Cams, which still manufactures the camshaft.As it turned out, both owners wanted to try their combinations with the Steeda Auto-sports No. Tom's blown street cruiser needed something to liven up its Vortech blower, ported aluminum heads, and good-flowing induction components.

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