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According to legend, Quetzacoatl (ket za koh AH tul), the Aztec God of Vegetation, came to earth with a cocoa tree and taught the mortals how to cultivate cocoa and make a drink out of its beans.This made the other gods furious, and they threw him out of paradise for sharing the sacred drink with humans.Mayan chocolate was very different than the chocolate we know today.It was a liquid made from crushed cocoa beans, chili peppers, and water.

The drink was so precious that it was served in golden goblets that were thrown away after just one use!The ritual cycle, or , contained two smaller cycles, an ordered sequence of 20 named days and a sequence of days numbered from 1 to 13.The 13-day cycle was particularly important for religious observance, and each of the 20 numbered cycles within the ritual year was associated with a different deity.When the Aztecs conquered the Mayans, they were forced to pay taxes to the Aztecs.These taxes were called “tributes” and they were paid in cocoa, so the Aztecs, who couldn’t grow their own cocoa, would always have a supply. The Aztecs ruled over the highlands of central Mexico, far from the rainforests of the Mayans.

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