Axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

Whitehead added that he is now "definitely single" and is taking a two-week break from the soap in order to go on a solo motorbike trip through central Australia."I've managed to get a two-week holiday break which is great and this is something that I have wanted to do for a really long time," he said. There have been rumours circulating that the pair have embarked on a romance for a while, but they have not spoken about their relationship until now.

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In June 2012, it was confirmed to the Australian Sunday Telegraph that Samara has been dating her Home and Away co-star Axle Whitehead (who plays Liam Murphy). As of October 2012, they are no longer together.[2] As of November 2012 she has been dating barman Matt Skinner from Croydon in the UK after they met at a Channel Five promotional event in London.

The photo of Samara was actually from her days on the horror series .

In response to Greg's post, she tweeted: "I really hate this.""Check your facts, folks.

She has said they are doctored.""We are used to her being in the spotlight and what that involves."Adding, "She is a strong girl and she is resilient." at the time: "Samara and I have a great amount of respect for each other and I think we'll always be very close."If you follow Samara on Instagram, it appears she's currently dating a fellow called Jimmy Warden.

The sexy 21-year-old Australian actress was seen going for a healthy jog at Bondi Beach in Sydney yesterday afternoon.

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