Antonio banderas dating history rules for dating my son quotes

When Banderas was growing up, his mother would stop in front of the house the artist was born in every time they passed it and say, “Look, Antonio”. He stands with his legs spread apart, his head thrown back and his arms raised to the side and says that Salvador Dali liked to put honey on his lips after a meal so that flies would gather and crawl all over his face.

Now, in the home he owns in Málaga, he can see that house from his terrace. “He found it to be an erotic experience,” Banderas syas, as he closes his eyes and plays piano fingers over his lips to imitate the flies.

All this, and still, when Banderas sits down in a director’s chair next to me, after I congratulate him on what must be a significant lifetime achievement, he shakes his head and says I have it wrong. Did you know that Dali (allegedly) hated blind people? “He would cross the street to yell at a man walking around like...” He feels around with an imaginary cane and laughs.

“Ay, was he crazy.” He is dressed for the day’s scenes in a tank top under a silk button-down shirt and trousers hiked up to around his fourth rib, a particular kind of European old-man fashion.

In the first episode a woman is home with his offspring while he makes out with another lover on the beach, and both women get in a fistfight in front of him while he is painting Honestly, I tell him, the lionisation of a man who treats women this way is gross to me. “The problem with Picasso from my point of view, I don’t think he abused women, as we understand that now,” he says.

“The problem is that he wanted everything, everything, all the time.” He enters a project with maximum dedication, maximum research.

Who can give that information now that he’s prepared for this role three separate times?

S., the actress said she was diagnosed with epilepsy, adding she never knew about her condition because "no one paid enough attention to even diagnose me." Noting her seizures occurred at times where she was "extremely stressed out," Griffith said she's been seizure-free for four years — and claims the healing process began after her split from Antonio Banderas.

It is his last day here before heading to Malta for the final leg of shooting for Nat Geo’s , an anthology series that focuses on Picasso in its second season and will have its premiere Tuesday. When he is shooting, he assumes the posture of a 67-year-old, but when he isn’t, he is Antonio Banderas, a human exclamation point, his face an orchestra of intense expressions.

(A better way to put it: his friend Salma Hayek told me that out of all the characters he’s ever played, he most resembles Puss in Boots in real life.) Oh yes, by the time he shaved off all vestiges of hair above his neck, he already had a long, full career.

They worried that they’d have to persuade him to play the part, but he jumped up (pop! He had recently happened upon the first season of, which takes place over 10 episodes, is shot during two eras: Picasso’s youth, and his old age.

In his younger days, he is played by Alex Rich, who does a Picasso impression that is actually an Antonio Banderas impression. And I remember visiting Houston and going there and me doing my eyes like this.” He makes his eyes big and full of disbelief. “These people that invent Googles and Apples and all these companies, they put heart in the skies.

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