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Common interests make the United States increasingly irrelevant except as a monitor or distant ally.

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Best case scenario: Major civil unrest and martial law.

That last chemical attack in Syria doesn't make sense. Some for another 7 years The world needs competent leaders to deal with the upcoming geophysical events not corrupt ,greedy, morally bankrupt clowns. What happens when billions of people don't feel safe and secure? Look what happened to Gaddafi."This week saw the historic "end" to the 65 year old war between North and South Korea.

However, it is less "historic" in terms of agreements to denuclearize - since there have been four of those types of agreements that have come and gone over the last three decades. South Korean president Moon has a vested political and practical interest in pursuing peace with North Korea.

- "Truth is struggling to come through in these neptunian times.

China read N Korea the riot act cause they didn't want war on their border , millions of refugees or that mountain test site to leak radiation. Mousemeat Donnie is on the ropes and the diversionary tactics won't stop till he's impeached. Earth signs have loaded up with some heavy hitters.

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